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Scheduled Tests

Different physicians’ offices schedule diagnostic tests differently.  Some offices will schedule the tests via phone with the Central Scheduling Department, others will ask the patient to call Central Scheduling directly at 304.637.3185 to schedule their test.  In any of these situations, it is important that the physician's order reach the Central Scheduling Department.

For tests estimated to cost less than $500, a representative from Central Scheduling will contact the patient 48 - 72 hours prior to the scheduled test date to pre-register or patients may call them at any time at 3304.637.3791.  On this initial contact call, the representative will collect the demographic information and make payment arrangements.

For tests estimated to cost more than $500, a representative from Central Scheduling will contact the patient with an estimated cost for the procedure and to verify insurance pre-authorization.  Once that is accomplished, the representative will confirm the appointment and make payment arrangements for charges that will not be covered by insurance.  The pre-registration process will include collection of payment information and demographics.

On The Day Of Your Test

Patients who are pre-registered:

  • Enter through the Davis Medical Center Main entrance, located along Gorman Avenue
  • Check-in at the main desk
  • Patients are assigned a number which will be called by registration staff
  • Once at a registration station, patients are asked to provide insurance cards and make any pre-arranged payments.
  • Patients are then called by their number from the staff that will be performing their test
  • Unscheduled Tests

Patients who come to Davis Medical Center for an unscheduled radiology exam or for laboratory service with a physician’s order should follow the steps outlined above for the day of your test.  The exception is that during the registration process, patients are required to provide insurance cards, demographic information, payment information, and must have their physicians order for the test they are registering to receive.

Special Note: When a non-custodial parent, guardian, or other non-custodial person accompanies a minor child requiring medical attention, proof of insurance and written permission from the custodial parent must be provided at the time of registration.