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Why the new Emergency Department at DMC is So Important

August 14, 2018

Why the new Emergency Department at DMC is So Important

ELKINS, W.VA. - - In small rural communities, emergency departments play a critical role in the overall healthcare system.  They are the only place that’s open 24/7, and they never turn anyone away.

“Emergency care is tremendously important because it is the frontline of medicine,” said Davis Health System President and CEO Vance Jackson. “The ED treats everyone from those who don’t have access to primary care providers to patients with traumatic injuries.”

“We meet the sickest of the sick and have the opportunity to make the most difference,” said DMC Emergency Department Nurse Manager Tim Thorpe. 

On August 23 Davis Medical Center will expand its current emergency department through the completion of $2 million renovation project.  The square footage has more than doubled providing an increase from 15 to 23 private patient rooms.  It includes two isolation rooms, two trauma bays for critical care, a decontamination room, new waiting area and a Meditation & Counseling room for families.

The staff are enthusiastic about the renovation which will bring about improved work flow, better security, new technology, and additional space accommodating a frontline patient triage process. 

“Our work is fast-paced and challenging.  Everyone on the team plays a vital role in the patient’s survival, from doctors to nurses, providers, techs and secretaries.  The new, expanded space brings greater capacity for patient care and privacy, and supports the important care we provide,” said Thorpe. 

On average the DMC Emergency Department sees 30,000 patients each year, accepting critically ill and injured patients from Tucker, Randolph, Pocahontas, and Upshur counties.  “We serve a large and sparsely populated demographic which means without the DMC ED, patients would have to travel significantly longer distances to receive life-saving care,” added Thorpe.

“The nature of occupations and recreational activities in the region also contribute to the incredible value of local emergency medicine.  From farming and mining, to skiing and 4-wheeling, the complexity of care that our providers respond to is vast.”

A Ribbon Cutting ceremony is planned at the DMC Emergency Department on August 23, 2018 at 8:30 AM.  The public is invited to attend.