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Volunteers Celebrated at Davis Medical Center

April 11, 2018

Betty Patton is one of many Davis Medical Center Volunteers to be recognized during National Volunteer Appreciation Month in April. Volunteers are important members of the hospital team contributing thousands of hours each year to enhance patient and employee experiences.

ELKINS, W.VA. – The work of volunteers is invaluable and Davis Medical Center is taking time to recognize and thank its volunteers for their many hours of work throughout the year. April is designated as National Volunteer Appreciation Month and Davis Medical Center has planned many activities to thank those who selflessly volunteer their time.

In 2017, 78 active volunteers, age 14 to 92, donated a total of 8,743 hours of service at Davis Medical Center. Those giving of their time completed activities including making more than 600 deliveries, escorting nearly 15,500 visitors to their destinations and completing more than 1,600 special projects.

DMC Coordinator of Volunteer Services Valerie Bright said the center will celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Week April 16 to 20 with many opportunities for staff, administration, patients and visitors to honor those who give their time.

“Volunteer Appreciation Week gives us the opportunity to let the volunteers know how much we appreciate their service and to thank them for that service,” Bright said. “This will be our 4th Volunteer Walk where departments of the hospital offer tokens of appreciation for the volunteers – many of which are handmade.”

Bright said the event allows staff to say ‘thank you’ and lets the volunteers know what a great service they do for DMC. She said in 2017, 26 DMC departments participated in the Volunteer Walk.

“Another highlight of Volunteer Appreciation Week is our Awards Luncheon,” Bright said. “Volunteers receive pins as they achieve levels of hours served. This year, one of our volunteers who has volunteer for more than 36 years will receive a pin for 9,000 hours of service.”

Bright said feedback from DMC visitors indicates they enjoy interacting with the volunteers and feel the job they perform makes a difference.

“Those who volunteer at DMC are some of the most giving people in our community,” Bright said. “I admire them so very much. I consider it an honor to work with them.”

Community members are welcome to apply for volunteer positions throughout DMC.

“There are lots of opportunities for people of all ages who are looking to give of their time and help others,” Bright said. “Some of the positions require very little walking, and we welcome people age 14 and up to apply.”

Applications for DMC volunteers are available online at listed under ‘join our team’ and ‘volunteers.’