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Randolph County Collects over 800 COVID-19 Tests

June 01, 2020

Valley Health Care utilized their established drive through test site in Mill Creek. Davis Medical Center was able to expand their site to two lanes and traffic was steady. Scheduled to open at 10:00 a.m., cars were lined up at both sites and testing began about 8:15.

On Saturday, May 30, the Elkins-Randolph County Health Department (REHD) collected more than 800 COVID-19 tests at two drive-thru locations in Elkins and Mill Creek.  The test swabs were transported to LabCorp, a state designated laboratory for analysis. 

“We expect to begin calling with results within five days,” said REHD Director of Threat Preparedness Bonnie Woodrum.  “We ask that people please not call the health department for their results. We can complete all required reporting steps more efficiently if people can wait until they are contacted.  We understand people may be anxious and will turn them around as quickly as possible once we receive them.”

The collection site at Valley HealthCare in Mill Creek provided 313 tests.  Davis Medical Center used all 500 tests made available by the WV Center for Threat Preparedness.

According to Woodrum, the operations at both locations were well coordinated.  Valley HealthCare provided testing from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m.; and, DMC exhausted their #500 supply of test swabs by 2 p.m.

 “The collaboration of all groups and volunteers was exceptional, especially considering we had less than 48 hours to plan and prepare,” said Woodrum.  “It shows amazing teamwork among our healthcare, public health and emergency services groups.  I thank them all for their assistance.”

Representatives who helped with the screenings included the REHD, Emergency Medical Services, Office of Emergency Management/911, Elkins City Police, Randolph County Sherriff’s Department, Valley HealthCare, Tucker County Health Department and Davis Medical Center.

The request for a large Randolph County community screening came from the WV Center for Threat Preparedness, which is a division of the WV Department of Health and Human Resources.  The screening will serve as a population sampling to determine if there is community spread, and if so, to what extent.