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Family Practitioner Dr. Terry S. Hummer Joins DHS Care Teams

January 07, 2019

ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA – Physician Terry S. Hummer, MD, has joined the medical care teams of Broaddus Family Care and the Better Sleep Center.  Hummer, who retired from full-time medical practice in December, is looking forward to her new position which allows her to continue seeing patients, but does not mirror the busy practice schedule she had previously.

“I’m not sure I would be good at full retirement,” said Hummer.  “There are many facets of family care I enjoy and working part-time with Davis Health System allows me to remain connected to patients, while also having more time to spend with my husband Joel.”

Dr. Hummer will begin practicing at Broaddus Family Care in Philippi on January 14.  Appointments for new and existing patients can be made by calling 304.457.1522.  The clinic is located in Broaddus Hospital and can be accessed through the door near the hospital’s Main Entrance. Dr. Hummer joins fellow providers Garrett Butler, MD, and Jennifer Duvall, PA-C at the Care clinic.

Additionally, Dr. Hummer will provide follow-up primary care for patients seen in the Davis Medical Center Better Sleep Center in Elkins.  The Sleep Center provides diagnosis and treatment for people of all ages who experience problems with poor sleep. 

“We’re looking forward to Dr. Hummer’s new role at the sleep center,” said Carolyn Parrack, CRT, BSHA, Director of Cardiopulmonary and The Better Sleep Center for Davis Medical Center.  “She brings a vast amount of primary care knowledge and will help patients understand the relationship between sleep problems and one’s overall health and well-being.”

            Care with Dr. Hummer at the Better Sleep Center is coordinated as part of a sleep study and evaluation.  Information about the Center or sleep disorders can be directed to DMC at 304-637-3650.