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Class helps those caring for a family member with dementia

August 02, 2018

Class helps those caring for a family member with dementia

ELKINS, WV – Caring for a family member with dementia comes with a unique set of challenges - so Davis Medical Center is offering a training designed to help these caregivers be more effective in delivering care to their loved ones. The Savvy Caregiver Program is an evidence-based, 12-hour training provided over a six-week period for people providing care for a family member with dementia.

The training sessions will be from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Wednesday beginning Aug. 22 through Sept 26. Trainings will be held at the Center for Advanced Clinical Learning at Davis Medical Center across from the HealthNet Helicopter Pad located at 212 Main St. in Elkins. A light lunch will be provided during each meeting and those planning to attend must pre-register.

The Savvy Caregiver Program was designed to train family caregivers in the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to handle the challenges of caring for a family member with dementia. Participants will learn how to be a more effective caregiver. The Savvy Caregiver Program focuses on helping caregivers think about their situation objectively and provides caregivers the skills needed to manage stress and carry out their role effectively.

Participants completing this nationally-acclaimed course will gain:

-personal knowledge, skills and caregiving perspective

-skills to assess abilities of their loved one with dementia

-confidence to set and alter caregiving goals

-strategies to manage activities of daily living

-an understanding of the disease progression

-essential abilities to attend to self-care

-an increased ability to work effectively with professionals providing care.

Anyone wishing to attend the Savvy Caregiver Program training should call Jennie Raines at 304-630-3043.  It is expected that participants registering will commit to attending all six sessions.

Additional information regarding the Savvy Caregiver Program is available by contacting the Alzheimer’s Association at 1-800-272-3900 or by email at