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Wellness Visits

An appointment with our Annual Wellness Nurse gives you an in-depth look into your health, we’ll review all covered Medicare screenings, coordinate wellness and disease prevention care ensuring Better Health for you. Screenings and test include:

• Colorectal Cancer Screening
• Breast Cancer Screening
• Diabetes Risk Screening
• And many more…

If your Primary Care Physician is a Davis Medical Center provider this appointment is covered by Medicare Part B. No deductible or copay is required for the visit if you have not had one in the last calendar year.

Our Annual Wellness Nurse works with you and your provider closely to help develop or update a personalized prevention health plan. It is designed to help prevent disease and disability based on your current health and risk factors.

Leslie Hyre, LPN
Annual Wellness Nurse

Schedule your appointment by calling:
304.636.3300 ext 1263