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West Virginians have one of the highest incidence rates of lung and bronchus cancer in the United States (92.8 per 100,000).  The West Virginia Cancer Registry reports that lung and bronchus cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among West Virginia Residents (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) accounting for 18% of cancers diagnosed in the State each year.                                       
The majority of lung cancer cases at the Cancer Care Center are diagnosed at later stages. (Regional/Distant.)
In Davis Medical Center’s 5-county primary service area, tobacco usage among adults ranges from 21 to 29% of the total population.
Analytic lung cancer patients account for an average of 12% of our Cancer Care Center’s total cases.


Screening Offered

Community Participants


Low Dose Cat Scan Screening for lung cancer.

17 Participants

Of the 17 patients screened; 16 patients were referred for follow up care.  A follow up CT was scheduled for 13 patients.  (3 patients did not show up for follow-up)

  (Cost per test per patient - $99.00)


     Prostate Cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in men.  14/100 men will have Prostate Cancer in their lifetime and 3/100 men will die from Cancer of the Prostate.  There were 23 new cases of prostate cancer entered into the Davis Medical Center registry in 2016.

Screening Offered

Community Participants


Laboratory testing to check Prostatic Specific Antigen – PSA levels.

39 participants

31 Participants choose to have PSA checked during the seminar.  2 of the 31 were elevated. (6% of the men tested.)  Those who had an elevated PSA were referred to our Health Coach for additional follow up. 


     According to the West Virginia Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease approximately 7.1% of West Virginia adults had skin cancer at some point in their adult life.  On June 6, 2018 we collaborated with Mt. State Dermatology to provide free skin cancer screenings to participants.

Screening Offered

Community Participants


Free skin cancer screenings


The skin cancer screenings were conducted in private.  Two (2) participants showed obvious signs for skin cancer during the screenings. Dr. Jackson referred these participants for biopsies as the areas of concern resembled that of melanoma.

Other Screening and Prevention activities held annually for the Community by Davis Medical Care are as follows:

Annual Breast Cancer Survivor Dinner

Smoking Cessation Counseling/Classes


Look Good, Feel Better

Free pap Tests

Free Breast exams

Information, education and testing for colon cancer/colonoscopies.