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Widely recognized for its unparalleled beauty, veiled by vibrant seasonal shifts, Elkins stands as a gateway community into West Virginia’s unbridled and pristine mountain landscape.  Recently admired for being a leading outdoor recreation haven, the area offers an impressive sense of tranquility while maintaining a high quality of life.  Situated within the Tygart Valley, Elkins displays a unique element of charm and familiarity with an extended population of just over 20,000.  While cost of living remains modest, the quality of education and community safety is reflected in the community’s progressive nature.  An artistic touch speckles the area, encapsulating the brilliant and creative minds of those who call it home.  Whatever your lifestyle, Elkins offers all the comforts of home with the luxury of total escape from the ordinary. 

Touted as a year-round outdoor enthusiast’s utopia, Elkins sits comfortably within a massive swath of protected, dense woodland maintained and guarded by the area’s leading wildlife and forestry services.    As a result, the area offers a boundless amount of recreation activities ranging from class VI white water rafting to some of the most legendary fly fishing destinations, kayaking and mountain biking, as well as  hiking and camping to name a few.  Elkins also finds itself situated directly in-route to some the East’s best known winter resorts, making weekend escapes an all-season obsession.

Enjoy the privileges of city living within driving distance with Pittsburgh, PA,  just under 3 hours away; Washington D.C under 4 hours; and West Virginia’s capital, Charleston, in under 2 hours. 

Considered a “Small Town Gem” by all of those who inhabit the Ohio Valley region, Elkins stands alone in its historical roots, while looking forward to the future; never sacrificing the family values it holds dear to the heart, welcoming both new faces and returning friends alike. 

Current Practice Opportunities

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Physicians who value warm, mid-size community values can find professional and financial satisfaction at Davis Medical Center without sacrificing time for family and leisure.  Our medical staff members experience a fulfilling career among respectful colleagues and administrators who value clinical quality, patient satisfaction, and collegiality.

For more information on the above opportunities, contact Davis Health System Physician Services or email directly to Matt Scott, Recruitment Coordinator at