Davis Medical Center

Davis Memorial Hospital provides a continuum of care that includes acute care, emergency department services, advanced imaging capabilities, extensive laboratory services, therapy and rehabilitation, pain management, a birthing center, surgical services as well as family practice.

Our staff—clinical, administrative and support—have a consistent goal: providing patient-friendly, quality healthcare. 

Our History

Davis Memorial Hospital, built in 1903 as a memorial to the wife and son of U.S. Senator Henry Gassaway Davis, is a 90-bed hospital that has grown stronger through the support of community. We believe that healthcare is people taking care of people. Ours is a close-knit community where our caregivers are also friends, families, loved ones and neighbors. They are there for us when it counts most: when there are chest pains, earaches or swollen glands in the middle of the night, when there are skinned knees and ski injuries, when lives begin and when lives end.