Pam Smithson, MHA, RN, CTC
Certified Telehealth Coordinator
Director, Clinical Programs & e~CareCenter

304.637.3337 (office)
304.630.3066 (fax)

Davis Medical Center
812 Gorman Avenue
Elkins, WV 26241

Telemedicine Program

In addition to Davis’ medical facilities, the e~CareCenter for telehealth services address many of the impending challenges to rural healthcare delivery, including:

  •          Support for quality local care
  •          Increased demands for care and a decreased mobility in the aging population
  •          Recruitment and retention of rural clinicians
  •          Access to specialty medicine/specialists in the State due to looming workforce shortages
  •          Rural provider life balance

Davis Health System’s e~CareCenter Telehealth services include:  TelePerinatal Care, TelePathology, TeleMental Health, TeleSurgical Oncology, TeleNursingHome, TeleWound Management & Infectious Disease, and TeleDiabetes Education.  Davis e~CareCenter intends on making its program more broad for primary care and direct-to-consumer [DTC].

In addition to real-time clinical telemedical consults, the e~CareCenter can provide professional continuing education, individual/group education, distance learning, administrative and medical staff videoconferencing and emergency management service.